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The Bryte Foundation enlists and funds the scientific community to unlock the power of restorative sleep.

The following studies have been funded by donations from The Bryte Foundation.

A Nationally Representative Survey Assessing Restorative Sleep in US Adults

Rebecca Robbins, Stuart F. Quan, Daniel Buysse, Matthew D. Weaver, Matthew P. Walker, Christopher L. Drake, Kristen Monten, Laura K. Barger, Shantha M.W. Rajaratnam, Thomas Roth, Charles A. Czeisler.

Published online: July 21 2022
Frontiers In Sleep


Restorative sleep is a commonly used term but a poorly defined construct. Few studies have assessed restorative sleep in nationally representative samples.

We convened a panel of 7 expert physicians and researchers to evaluate and enhance available measures of restorative sleep. We then developed the revised Restorative Sleep Questionnaire (REST-Q), which comprises 9 items assessing feelings resulting from the prior sleep episode, each with 5-point Likert response scales.

Finally, we assessed the prevalence of high, somewhat, and low REST-Q scores in a nationally representative sample of US adults (n= 1,055) and examined the relationship of REST-Q scores with other sleep and demographic characteristics.

Published online: July 21 2022
Frontiers In Sleep

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