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Advancing Restorative Sleep

The Bryte Foundation exists to advance sleep science and socialize the positive impacts of quality, restorative sleep.

Restorative sleep has a direct correlation to wellness and quality of life. We believe the scientific community is under-resourced to conduct the research necessary to unlock its full impact.

The Bryte Foundation mobilizes the scientific community, and funds research to develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of restorative sleep.

Because we believe a restful night gives rise to a better, more brilliant tomorrow.

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How we help further sleep research

We believe that how restored people feel from sleep is ultimately what matters most.

Advances in sleep science have furthered our understanding of the problems, diseases, and disorders related to poor sleep. Our focus is now trained on understanding how to achieve healthy, rejuvenating sleep for the widest possible group of people.

At the Bryte Foundation, we focus our funding on research that furthers understanding of restorative sleep, to better understand how sleep can positively impact people’s lives.

Supporting and funding academic research

We invest in research focused on furthering the scientific understanding of restorative sleep and its impact on people’s lives.

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